Awdur . Author
Rhain yw'r prif lyfrau sydd gennyf, ynteu fel awdur, detholwr neu chyfrannwr.
These are the main books that I've either written, compiled or made a major contribution.
It appears that 'Melinau Gwlân' and 'Cymru mewn 50 Cerdd' are out of print 
You can buy the others here...
D C Harries & Wales of one hundred years ago can usually be sourced second hand via online booksellers (Amazon etc)  'Prydau Pedwar Tymor / Food for Four Seasons (for which I contributed most of the photographs) gan be purchased here.

Cloriau . Covers
Dyma esiamplau o fy ngwaith ffotograffig ar glawr llyfrau.
Examples of book covers illustrated with my photographs.

Cyfrannwr i lu o lyfrau a llyfrynau, gan gynnwys y rhain . Contributor to loads of books, brochures and pamphlets, including these
Lluniau gwreiddiol a/neu ymchwil lluniau . Original photography and/or picture research
Cylchgronau a chynnyrch Cymraeg, gan gynnwys y cloriau hyn . Welsh periodicals and goods, including these covers
Well over a thousand of my pictures have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, websites etc.  

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